Naturalne Suplementy i Kosmetyki Polana

For over 70 years we have been giving what is best and straight from the nature to the Polish families.

Our herbs, aromatic teas and full-of-flavour syrups are made of the best and 100% natural ingredients. All this to secure your continuous trust - as many as 84% ​​of Poles know our brand very well. We are proud of it, but we are still striving for more.

Following our motto  „Herbapol – Masz to w naturze” ["Herbapol - It's your nature"], we believe that man is a part of nature, and nature is a part of man. That is why our products let us live in harmony with nature, use its most valuable resources and share them with others.

We consciously uphold values ​​such as care, experiencing the deepest emotions together, respect, giving and using the support of others. We want them to bring joy today and in the future; we want future generations to enjoy them. It is more than a tradition. It is trusting in the idea of ​​one nature of the world despite all its differences.

We believe that only together we can create and care for the nature around us, as well as the nature of our future generations.

A story in a teacup

"Herbapol-Lublin" means 70 years of tradition. Since 1949 we have followed the voice of nature, taking care of its greatest assets, cherishing them and passing them on to next generations, because what matters most are true, unchanging and established values that are part of ourselves and the surrounding world.